Adi Ickowicz, USA/Israel | Congress Chairperson

Adi Ickowicz BSc, ME is the co Founder and CEO of MedicSense Ltd., a Clinical and Regulatory Affairs consultancy firm that specializes in assisting companies to navigate through the international clinical and regulatory maze. 
With more than twenty years of experience, Adi Ickowicz specializes in developing company-tailored clinical and regulatory strategies, and has helped many companies meet technical and regulatory demands for their products, guiding them through specific technological requirements and best practices for the collection of clinical data. 

His previous experience includes managing clinical and regulatory affairs departments in both well-established and start-up companies. Until 2012 and for the last four years Adi Ickowicz was a lecturer in the Biomedical Engineering Department of the University of Tel Aviv. 

Adi Ickowicz is QMS Lead Auditor (EN/ISO13485, FDA QSR and ISO13485 CMDCAS) since 1994 and a official BSI lecturer for Lead Auditors.